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Revolutionised Ex-Proofing that 
gives affordable peace of mind

TSL is one of the pioneers in explosion-proof equipment and strive to stay in the forefront by constantly reaching out to, and partnering with reputable manufacturers to provide affordable solution for our customers.  Our engineering team can make almost any equipment explosion proof.  Look for us to service and repair your ex-proof equipment anywhere in the world, so that it remains safe to use. We do re-certification too!

Generate electricity with

peace of mind.

Portable diesel and electric explosion-proof air compressors. 

Explosion-proof power pack with wide range of industrial use.

Complete line of lift trucks with explosion-proof configuration for hazardous environment.

Provide us with your required specifications, and we tailor you a complete solution.

Generator Set


Generator sets are constantly running at job sites providing electricity for many core activities. However, these generator sets are also a potent source of sparks and ignition, making it potentially a very dangerous equipment at hazardous sites.

An explosion proof genset ensures that all the sources of ignition and static are removed and controlled, giving you peace of mind when it is installed at the job site.


TSL is proud to be the world’s leading compressor supplier for oil & gas industry for more than 20 years.


Apart from the regular diesel driven compressors, we have set a new standard in electrical driven class 1 div 2 compressors. This electrical compressor is designed and built according to the latest ATEX technologies for safe operation in hazardous areas.


The entire compressor is ATEX certified with DNV 2-7.1 frame, making it safe for various operations in hazardous areas (Zone 2), such as well test, gas flaring and other maintenance jobs.


When mixed with flammable gases in the environment, unwanted ignition from the engine can misfire, leading to an explosion of the engine and another source of dangerous equipment on site.

An explosion proof engine power pack is designed to not only arrest sparks, but also enables it to shutdown when an over speed is detected. Cooling system installed also prevents overheating of exhaust and exchanger, further ensuring that the engine does not explode.


Customised solutions are available.  


An explosion proof material handling equipment is very important when transporting hazardous materials or working around a hazardous area. 

Explosion proof forklift trucks are designed according to the latest explosion proof standards by reducing static that the lift truck creates during maneuvering. This ensures that not only the truck drivers are safe but everyone around the area.

These improved forklift trucks can be used in a wide range of industries like chemical factories, pharmaceutical plants, paint and food processing factories.

Size of forklift trucks range from 1.5T to 12T. Conversion of forklift trucks of other brands can be done by us. 


Have a working equipment now but need to comply with ex-proof standards?


Provide us with the specification you require, and we will provide a high quality customised solution, tailored to your exact needs. 


TSL has more than 20 years of excellent track record in the offshore, oil & gas industry, understanding requirements of an ex-proof equipment.


We use only top brands to modify explosion-proof equipment to meet your demands.  

The newly ex-proof equipment can be classified according to the following regulations:

  • Offshore Environment (ABS Class)

  • Hazardous Environment (Class 1 Div 2)

  • Hazardous Environment ( Zone 2)

Air Compressors
Ex-proof Generator Set.jpg
Engine Power Pack
Ex Proof Lift Truck_edited.jpg
Customised Solutions.jpg
Forklift Truck
C4.4 HazPak_edited.JPG


Experienced Field and Workshop Service Teams to assist you whenever, wherever.

We can make it happen no matter where your equipment is.

Ensures that your equipment complies to the latest ATEX requirements.


Let us know how we can assist you!

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