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Filtration for engines, equipment and the people who use them.

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Donaldson Providing the Best in Engine Air Filtration

On-road or off-road, you can trust Donaldson air filters to withstand whatever the environment throws their way.  Since 1915, Donaldson has pioneered the development of nearly every major advancement in heavy-duty engine air filtration. Nothing else protects, performs and provides longer life for engines than our industry-leading filters.

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Donaldson A Better Way to Filter Fuel

Our Donaldson fuel filters help keep your engines and equipment running smoothly. Today‘s diesel engines need to maintain high performance levels to remain compliant with stringent emissions regulations. Fuel filtration plays a key role, with current high pressure common rail fuel injectors operating at pressures up to 2,000 - 3,100 bar / 30,000 - 45,000 psi. 

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Donaldson - Performance Under Any Pressure

We have the right filters, contamination control products and capabilities to protect machinery and components in hundreds of applications – in the factory and on heavy-duty equipment. When you need hydraulic filtration, turn to Donaldson.

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Donaldson Get Peak Engine and Equipment Performance

Donaldson lube filters keep oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage. We carry a complete line of oil filters for diesel engines – in both standard life and Donaldson Blue® for extended service intervals.

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Donaldson Complete Coverage from End to End

For more than 50 years, Donaldson has been a leading supplier of exhaust systems, components and accessories for medium- and heavy-duty diesel powered equipment. Our exhaust system product line includes everything you need for a wide variety of on- and off-road applications.

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