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Introducing Allmand Night-Lite™ GR-Series!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

They’re GReat! Allmand GR-Series Offers Low Acquisition Costs and High-Performance Value in One Flexible Package.


Night-Lite TM GR-Series Air Cooled

The Night-Lite™ GR-Series Air Cooled light tower is the compact workhorse any job site needs. The air-cooled Yanmar diesel engine results in ample power for the LED fixtures, and the 48-gallon fuel tank, provides up to 257 hours of run time with 750-hour oil change intervals. This unit features four LED fixtures with 204,488 total lumens and 38,610 ft2 area at 0.5 ft-c, resulting in a 19% increase in lumen output and 19,084 ft2 additional area of light, when compared to the leading competitor! The Night-Lite TM GR-Series Air Cooled light tower provides plenty of light for any space working longer, bigger and brighter so you can be out on a job site getting more work done.

Night-Lite™ GR-Series Chain

Simpler, lighter, and lower cost, the Night-Lite™ GR-Series Chain towable light towers are the most easily deployed and easy-to-maneuver units in its class. Flexibility in power is inherent with this unit allowing for any power source with 15 amp or 20 amp connections to illuminate a jobsite. To increase the impact of the Night-Lite™ GR-Series Chain light tower, the ability to daisy chain units is a built-in feature. Four LED light fixtures with 147,344 total lumens lighting will provide plenty of brightness for any space. This unit saves money immediately with the size capability to ship 20 units on a truck.


What are the key features?

High Performance

> Light technology - a 98% increase in light coverage compared to the past products.

> Light footprint - light brightness increased by 19% with 32,288 additional lumens.

More Efficient

- Average runtime is extended up to 257 hours of run time with the 250-watt LED model.

- Service intervals have extended to 1,000 hours, which is the highest in the industry.

Lower Acquisition cost

The improved service intervals result in less maintenance over time. Plus, better fuel efficiency automatically translates to additional cost savings. GR-series light towers offer 12% better total cost of ownership than a leading competitor.


They are specifically designed to be both flexible in application and simple in operation. One example is the vertical mast that extends to 23 feet and has a 359-degree rotation, offering flexible lighting options.

Incorporating the Deep Sea L401 controller allows for a whole new level of flexibility and efficiency. The 16 Event Scheduler is programmable to operate up to four load outputs. Plus, it’s configurable to run automatically between sunset and sunrise — meaning work can continue completely uninterrupted without having to worry about light.

Night-Lite GR-SERIES Tech Spec v4
Download PDF • 436KB

Your job site needs a workhorse — one that outpowers, outperforms and outlasts the competition, helping you burn the midnight oil to get more work done. The new Allmand Night-Lite™ GR-Series light towers are the ideal addition for smaller job sites and special events.

Watch the Introduction & flexible options videos below!


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